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The Haas VF2 SSYT CNC Milling Center

The Haas VF2 SSYT is plain fast with traveling speeds with up to 800 inches per minute it will provide us with the ability to run sets of part in ample time for your convenience. The specs are as follows:


X Axis :30 "  
Y Axis: 20 "  
Z Axis: 20 "  
Spindle Nose to Table (~ min): 4 " 
Spindle Nose to Table (~ max): 24 "  
TABLE S.A.E. Metric
Length: 36 " 
Width: 18 "  
T-Slot Width: 5/8 " 
T-Slot Center Distance: 4.92 "  
Number of Std T-Slots: 3    
Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed): 1500 lb  


Max Rating: 30 hp  
Max Speed: 12000 rpm  
Max Torque: 90 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm 
Drive System: Inline Direct-Drive    
Taper: CT or BT 40  
Bearing Lubrication: Air/Oil Injection  
Cooling: Liquid Cooled  



Rapids on X: 1400 in/min  
Rapids on Y: 1400 in/min
Rapids on Z: 1400 in/min 
Max Cutting: 833 in/min 


Max Thrust X: 1995 lb  
Max Thrust Y: 1995 lb 
Max Thrust Z: 3085 lb  
Type SMTC   
Capacity 24+1
Max Tool Diameter (adjacent empty) 5 "  
Max Tool Diameter (full) 3 "  
Max Tool Length (from gage line) 11 " 
Max Tool Weight 12 lb  
Tool-to-Tool: (avg) 1.6 sec
Chip-to-Chip: (avg) 2.2 sec  


Haas VF5 CNC Milling Center

The Haas VF 5 CNC Milling Center is a great asset for us. We are able to provide speed combined with the ability to do bigger parts because of its more than ample table travel.  With the VF5 we will be able to accommodate our customers bigger needs. Its specs are as follows:



X Axis: 38 " 

Y Axis: 26 " 
Z Axis: 25 "  
Spindle Nose to Table: (~ min) -0.85 " 
Spindle Nose to Table: (~ max) 24.15 "



Max Rating: 30 hp 
Max Speed: 8100 rpm  
Max Torque: 90 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm  
Drive System:  Inline Direct-Drive   
Max Torque w/opt Gearbox: 250 ft-lb @ 450 rpm  
Taper: CT or BT 40   


Rapids on X: 710 in/min  
Rapids on Y: 710 in/min  
Rapids on Z: 710 in/min 
Max Cutting: 500 in/min


Max Thrust X: 3400 lb
Max Thrust Y: 3400 lb  
Max Thrust Z: 5600 lb  


Type: SMTC  
Capacity: 24+1   
Max Tool Diameter: (adjacent empty) 6 "  
Max Tool Diameter: (full) 3 "  
Max Tool Length (from gage line): 16 "  
Max Tool Weight: 12 lb 
Tool-to-Tool (avg): 2.8  sec  
Chip-to-Chip (avg): 3.6  sec

Haas VF OE Milling Center.

The Haas VFOE milling center is the oldest of all our CNC's.  Although old this machine provides us an option to do second operations on parts while other primary operations are running. This gives a quick option for quick turnarounds. Specs are as follows:

Haas VF OE

 X axis travel: 30”
 Y axis travel: 16”
 Z axis travel: 20”
 Spindle taper: ct #40
 Spindle rpm: 7,500
 Horsepower: 20hp
 Atc: 20 positions

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